I’ve never really done a traditional mood board because they’ve always felt a little too touchy-feely to me. But recently I read a blog post from Lucky Bitch that talked about some alternatives to the traditional dream board and I was inspired to make my own on Pinterest.

Goals and dreams are tricky things - they are hard to pin down, and for me, sometimes, they encompass more of a feeling than an actual physical thing. The idea of freedom, of adventure, of spontaneity, of kinship. How do you find an image to represent a feeling? There are tangible things that I want, yes, but something in the wanting has always made me realize that it’s less about achieving the physical tangible good and more about the feeling it provides.

There is so much stigma in our culture about wanting material things, especially I think for women. We are taught that wanting is evil, that we should be happy with what we have and make do and be thrifty. We are taught that to want something pretty or expensive or luxurious is vain, is wasteful.

I don’t necessarily believe that these things are true, but I do agree that it is impossible to completely remove yourself from these stories that are ingrained in us from such an early age. And I know it could take a lifetime to overcome these negativities. So, for now, I’m making a dream board that includes physical things, yes, but that is more about the feelings I aspire to manifest in realizing these material goals.

I want to do things that are crazy and big and bold and I don’t want to feel like I have to apologize to anyone for doing them.

I want to travel and have adventures and live spontaneously without feeling guilt about money or time spent away from my business.

I want to feel confident in my work so that I can walk away and take a break knowing it is not all going to collapse while I’m gone.

I want to do things that come easy to me, that I enjoy, and I want to get paid well for them. And I don’t want to apologize for that either, because work does not have to be a constant teeth-grinding struggle.

I want my work and my life to be intermingled, to be creative for myself and for my soul but also for my bank account. Because I also shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting to make money from my creativity.

I want to live a life of luxury, in small ways. I want to wake up slowly, next to the love of my life, every day. I want to take walks without my phone. I want to bake pie just because. I want to spend an afternoon in the garden (or every afternoon in the garden). I want to read books that feel magical, and then gush over them with close friends. I want to drink cocktails on the porch and watch the sunset.

I want to feel gratitude and abundance for my life now, not my life in five years. Or ten. Or a hundred. I want to be out of debt but I also don’t want to miss what’s happening now because I am so focused on racing into the future of being debt-free.

And yes, I want people to read my blog, because I think I have important things to say. So thank you, if you are reading this, for being here.